Friday, December 30, 2011


For Christmas, I got photoshop (for my home computer - which I somehow managed to get by without for so long) and a scanner. And voila! My first attempt at digital coloring. I've been watching a lot of Star Trek during my Christmas vacation.

I have a bit of a problem when it comes to drawing figures. I never have enough room on the page for feet.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hair designs gone wild

I started these sketch pages with the intention of coming up with a hairstyle for a character in a new comic I'm working on. I had started with a couple of heads, copy and pasted a few times on the page, and then just made copies of that template. On the first few heads, I started with hair, and then added outfits to the next ones, and then as I went on, I added almost full bodies. I went completely off track and the drawings have nothing to do with what I was supposed to be doing, but it was really fun! I love drawing crazy hair and costumes.

Notice my Lisbeth Salander inspired girl at the top middle of this page.

Monday, December 5, 2011

BCGF: Say Yes to the Fest

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest was pretty awesome. It was a 9 hour marathon of comics, art, hanging out, meeting new people, meeting internet people, people watching, reuniting with friends, geeking out, eating hot dogs, eating pizza, and good times. I'm pretty sure I was smiling really hard the entire time.

the Traditional Comics table

Aleks & Pete

me and Ben at the table (via Robot6) 

(l to right): Progress Quest by Jon Vermilyea; Ghost Heat Up 3 by Anthony Meloro; Zack Soto’s Study Group MagazineBowman by Pat Aulisio; Gaylord Phoenix #5 by Edie Fake; Pantropic #1 by Aleks Sennwald; Leah Wishnia’s Happiness ComixChameleon #1;Ladies Night by Lizz Hickey; Skin Deep by L. Nichols, Kid Mafia #1 by Michael Deforge; Sad People Sex 3 by Heather Benjamin; and in between Happiness and Chameleon is the greatest business card ever made, by Pete Toms.

I was really sad that I was too late to pick up Chameleon #2, but I made it to all the tables I wanted to, met a lot of cool people, saw some friends, watched Lizz Hickey rub glitter all over her face, took my previously purchased Forming book to Jesse Moynihan’s table for an autograph in which I nervously told him how much I love his comic, and ate an Asia Dog. But I was so overwhelmed just walking around, that I totally missed out on some really awesome stuff. Oh, comic conventions…

I'm also really sad that I didn't take more pictures!

I forgot to add that on Sunday I went to the satellite event Pictures and Performance: A Melodrama, which was really great. Shana Moulton did a performance, which I was really excited for, and it was amazing. I also really liked Matthew Thurber's scroll performance and Peter Burr's video Alone with the Moon.