Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I decided I need to get a move on with my musical aspirations, yet another venue to add to my emotional release agenda, which currently includes a calendar full of art, acting, and internet addiction. In my mind, my band started earlier this year, however I haven't any proof besides my own blurry visions. I wrote the band manifesto over the summer, which actually included statements of which of my friends would be involved, completely without their knowledge or consent. Cult of Sluts is, as written in the manifesto, "red lipstick, bikinis."

Cult of Sluts exists. It is my band. And I will provide the world with tunes for listening and dancing pleasure.

Monday, October 5, 2009


(photo by pete toms)

I'm currently in the process of writing and filming for my Nova-esque science video about rocks from alien planets. The poor souls acting in it are all friends. I'm stealing a lot of footage from science videos on youtube and nebula pictures from the Hubble telescope, but I'll also be creating my own animations. The video will be part of my senior show in December.