Tuesday, May 24, 2011

artist of interest: Kirsten Hassenfeld

Dans La Lune (detail), 2007 (via Rice Gallery)

During my junior year of college, I attended a visiting artist lecture given by Kirsten Hassenfeld. At the time, I believe she was working primarily in paper. Her cut paper installations were like delicate, feminine fantasies. I was not only impressed by the intricacy and patience in her work, but how she was able to take a material as simple as paper and create luxurious and beautiful objects.

Blue Horn (detail), 2010 (via kirstenhassenfeld.com)

I'm really drawn to the transparency and the ethereal quality of her work. And of course, the crystalline forms!

Dans La Lune (detail), 2007 (via Rice Gallery)

So several years after her lecture, the images of her work still stuck with me. I had recently been thinking about it after seeing a book on 3D paper art, so I searched for her website to see what she's been up to.

Hassenfeld has moved away from paper; her recent work is made of heavier materials like glass, metal, and ceramic. Though weightier and physically more substantial, these new mixed media pieces do not lose that sparkling magical feeling.

Treen (detail), 2010 (via kirstenhassenfeld.com)

Treen, 2010 (via kirstenhassenfeld.com)

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