Monday, April 23, 2012

Grocery Store

Introducing Grocery Store, an indulgent collection of self-portraits as eccentric supermarket shoppers. The zine will first be available this weekend at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR. I'll be at table 207, come get a copy and pick up Scepter Gem Pt 1, too! Grocery Store will be available to order online here in May.

This project started back in the fall of last year as a reaction to my experiences shopping for groceries, as well as my love of performance, dressing up, and apparent (aka bad) photoshopping. I posted all of the pictures on my tumblr as I made them, but felt like it was time to create something tangible to complete the project. The zine contains a bunch of the original portraits as well as a few new ones.

The grocery store is an amazing place for visual stimulation: aisles and aisles of pattern, color, and shape.  Where I live in northern New Jersey, the food stores are all giant, expensive supermarkets. There is something really interesting about the juxtaposition between the intense visuals of the store and the shoppers in it. It's a wonderful place to people watch, and most of them are in their own world while they are shopping, checking off the items on the grocery list in their minds, so it's easy to stare without them noticing. And even if you run into the same shoppers in the store you frequent, there are always those people who catch your eye and prompt you to imagine their weird lives outside of the grocery store.

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