Thursday, February 4, 2010

girly pearls

I've had this obsession with pearls, lately. Not only because they are beautiful, but I love that they are considered a "gemstone," yet they grow from within a shellfish! It's literally the hardened secreation of a slimely little mollusc!

I've also been obsessed with looking up the healing and emotional uses for gemstones. Pearls emit peace and tranquility. They are symbolic of the moon and it's effect on the human body, balancing the hormones. Pearls also represent fertility and purity, as well as influence the wearer to more openly accept love (for themselves and others). I believe the pearl is also a great symbol of femininity and womanhood.

I had used pearls, or the idea of pearls, in my work in the past (see here and here). I recently felt the urge to continuing exploring pearls and femininity in my work. Out of nowhere I had this idea for a stop-motion video. I've never done stop motion before, nor have I ever wanted to.

Images of baby oysters on a beach, the birthing of a stream of fluid and pearls from a human womb, and a bird warming a pearl in it's gooey nest were flowing through my mind.

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