Thursday, August 25, 2011

artworks from the past: Sculpture

For the next two weeks, Scepter Gem will be taking a short break as I work on other projects. So I figured I would share some of my old work, which I recently stumbled upon when I remembered my DeviantArt account still existed!

Cradle, 2007 | ceramic

Watcher I, 2008 | ceramic

Tornado, Glacier, Geography, 2007 | pins made from Britannia metal 

Untitled, 2006 | tapestry loom

Apple, 2007 | latex, mixed media

Apple, which is a latex cast of a miniature clay model of my head attached to a fake apple, was used as a puppet in the following video.

And I couldn't leave out the best of all (aka most embarrassing of all), the sculptural costume I made for my fibers class back in my days at UArts in Philadelphia. It's made up of only string, tape, and newspaper. Take that Lady Gaga!

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