Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crystal and Gem Blogs

In my everlasting internet searches for crystals and minerals, I've come across some really great gem and geology blogs. Here are a few of my favorites.

This blog provides a brief description and history of each mineral, as well as metaphysical characteristics and uses.

Lots of gorgeous pictures of raw crystals, geological wonders, and crystals in jewelry. The blogger answers readers questions and also has an informative section About: Crystals - Meanings & Facts.

This blogger posts a lot of rare and unusual photos of minerals.

Geology Rocks
To quote their about section: This blog is about all things geology. Landmarks, minerals, sedimentary deposition, pretty pictures, and humor all fall into this category.

In Love With Geosciences
Described as: Mineralogy. Petrology. Paleontology. Volcanology. Glaciology. Seismology. Structural Geology. Sedimentology. Speleology. Stratigraphy. Astrogeology. Evolution. Those last two are my favorite!

Some other notable science blogs:
Scientific Illustration
Fresh Photons
Fuck Yeah Volcanoes
American Museum of Natural History
National Geographic Daily

Or just check out what's in Tumblr's science spotlight here.

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  1. I love your site - wondering about that Ametrine twin crystal - and not sure how to sign up to get your updates...I love what you're doing. Are you on Twitter? Check me out @CrystalsPower!