Wednesday, November 4, 2009

more scientists

Filming for "Space Rocks: A Look at Far-Out Minerals" (title subject to change) wrapped in the last session with two more very talented scientists. And a much more talented director. This second time around I wrote out note cards for my actors to read from and was much more prepared in general. Later in the day we snuck in a dance sequence with my friend's 3 year daughter. It looked like Yo Gabba Gabba took over the kitchen.

Besides the task of uncountable hours of editing (HD footage is a really slow bitch to work with), there are still several elements of the video which are incomplete: narration and music. Dialogue for the narration is still being written. It's not hard making up a bunch of fake science facts, but making them believable and interconnected is challenging. For the soundtrack, I'm (going to be) working with Robot Horse Productions to score the video. I imagine cheesey, typical science video orchestration but some weird spacey songs, too.

Halfway through interviewing Dr. Shaun J. Gann, Senior Geologist of Foreign Planetary Affairs, we realized he matched perfectly with a nearby houseplant. The above picture couldn't be resisted. His chemistry with the plant actually caused me to rethink rocks... perhaps botany would be more interesting?

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